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Please keep the two abducted Archbishops
in your prayers as the Mother Church does

Both Archbishops were abducted
on Monday April 22, 2013

Syriac Orthodox Church News:

October,16 2015
Thankfulness depends on what is in your heart, not what is in your hand.
Most people have no trouble finding things to complain about: traffic is slow, gas is too expensive, the weather is bad, and prices are too high. Yet in every single situation, that same person also has a lot to be thankful for: he can drive, has a car, has a shelter to be protected from the w...More

October,15 2015
[ACNS] Last week’s meeting of the Anglican Oriental Orthodox International Commission in Hawarden, Wales, and the agreement on dropping the filioque clause of the Nicene Creed has moved the two families of churches “one step closer to as close as we can be”, a leading Orthodox bishop has said.

“For us, we saw [the filioque clause] as an addition to the Creed,” Bishop Angaelos, General Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox...More

October,15 2015
Historic agreements have been signed between Anglican and Oriental Orthodox Churches helping to heal the oldest continuing division within Christianity.

An Agreed Statement on Christology, published in North Wales this week by the Anglican-Oriental Orthodox International Commission (AOOIC), heals the centuries-old split between the Anglican Churches within the family of Chalcedonian Churches and the non-Chalcedoni...More

October,8 2015
Hasaka, Syria (AINA) — ISIS has executed three Assyrians in Syria. The execution was carried out in the morning of September 23, which was the day Muslims commemorated the “Festival of the Sacrifice” (eid al-Adha). It is not known why ISIS waited two weeks to release the video.

The three Assyrians, wearing orange jumpsuits and kneeling, were killed by gunshots to the back of their heads. They were identified as Dr...More

October,8 2015

عمَّت الافراح في قلوب المؤمنين في كنيسة مار إغناطيوس الإنطاكي ببورتلاند يوم الاحد المصادف 4 تشرين الاول 2015, في يومٍ تلألأت فيه أنوار الإيمان وتهللت النفوس حيث تمَّت ولأول مرة فيها ترقيةٌ كاهنٍ الكنيسة الاب القس الدكتور جورج يوسف البنّا لدرجة الخوري.

ترأس نيافة الحبر الجليل مار إقليميس اوجين القداس الالهي على مذبح كنيسة مار إغناطيوس الأنط...More

October,8 2015
Born: September 27, 1929 Jerusalem, Palestine
Died: October 06, 2015 Granada Hills, California

With submission to the will of God, with great sorrow, we announce passing away of faithful Deacon Elias Daoud Khoury, on Tuesday October 06, 2015 in Granada Hills, California.

The late Deacon Elias D. Khoury’s:
Wife: the late Ele...More

October,7 2015
İŞİD Terör Örgütü 2014 Haziranının da Süryani halkıyla başlayıp Irak ve Suriye'de Sünni Arap olmayan bütün halkları ve inançları bir bir katletti. Irak ve Suriye'de İŞİD terörünün uyguladığı etnik- dini- kültürel- tarihsel soykırım bütün acımasızlığı ile günümüze değin sürüyor. İŞİD terörörgütüyle en büyük çapta savaşan Kürtlerdir. Suriye'de YPG- YPJ- PYD ve Peşmergeler halen İŞİD ile savaşıyor. 20 Temmuz 2015'den gü...More

October,2 2015
Your spirit is more powerful than your flesh.

1 John 4:4 says, The one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world. The Holy Spirit, who lives in you if you are been baptized, is greater than anything in the world, including your flesh. Therefore, you do not have to be controlled by your flesh and worldly lusts.

In Luke 10:19, Je...More

September,29 2015
Born: April 20, 1933 Jerusalem, Palestine
Died: September 27, 2015 Orange, California

With submission to the will of God, with great sorrow, we announce passing away of faithful Sam (Shamoun) Adam, on Sunday September 27, 2015 in Orange, California.

The late Sam Adam’s:
Abdu, Ibrahim, Sami, Said, Yacoub and Aziz....More

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