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"I can do every thing through Christ which strengthens me."
Phil 4:13

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I am



Daddy I am Scared

It was Sunday morning, a beautiful Sunny Day.

Alex looked at the mountains and saw it covered with the beautiful white snow.

He said: " Daddy.. I want to go to the snow and make snowman".

I've been promising him for a long time, a trip to the snow...

So I said OK.

We drove up the hills to Mt Baldy (the closest mountain) we kept on going up and up and up we reached 7000 feet high. Alex started to get tired (Christian was asleep).

We stopped the car up on the top of the hill because it was so foggy.

We woke up Christian and got of the car.

few minutes later, Alex looked uncomfortable, I asked him why?

He said:" Daddy, I cannot find God". Doesn't God live high up in the skies??

His house is on a big cloud???? And now we are on the hugest cloud ever and we are so high up in the sky. and we cannot fined God.

I had to give him an answer.. I told him that God lives a little higher than that and maybe he just went skiing..

He said: "Daddy I'm scared, when there is no God I get scared, let's leave from this place since God is not here."

A real story from the mouth of a 5 years old. God Bless Him and bless all the Kids.


Sam Sh







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